True Success

The true measure of success for this project is learning that friends and total strangers are inspired to volunteer and donate to worthy causes in their communities. Here is some of the wonderful accomplishments from the project to date:

GREAT NEWS! I just met with my business partner and we now have a new Christmas tradition. Every year from the Monday after Thanksgiving (i.e. 11/25/12) until our office closes for Christmas (which will be 12/21/12 this year) our firm will be giving 10% of all our law firm’s gross earnings to the Mid-South Food Bank. This is all inspired by the great work that you’ve been doing, so thanks again for all your great work, and thanks so much for inspiring us to make this pledge! We’re very excited about this. Please keep our little firm in your prayers! We look forward to doing our part to helping with this worthy cause, both now and for all future Christmas seasons.”
– Sam Rodriguez of Rodriguez and Adams, LLC.

I had money in a health account I needed to spend before the end of the year, and although I couldn’t use it for the items on Hospitality Hub’s wish list, I thought there might be other supplies they could use, so I contacted Kelcey at the Hub and his “list” surpised me – he said that the homeless are always asking for reading glasses, and he told me he could use as many of them as I could get. I was able to get 20 pairs with the balance left on my account, and hopefully they’ll be delivered in time for me to drop them off before Christmas. Just wanted you to know your efforts are making a difference.
– Tim Doyle of Memphis, TN

After reading the Recent article in the Commercial Appeal regarding your volunteer efforts, you work has inspired me and I’m sure many others.”
– Alderman Mike Palazzolo, City of Germantown


The story about KnowledgeQuest grabbed me.  Your account made me want to find out more about what they’re doing and how I might be able to help. Your blog did a great job at clarifying the ‘I want to volunteer, what do I do?’ conundrum. I’m going be helping them with some computer work and tutoring. As you described, the kids are super!

– Jeff Brooks

Sarah, I am so impressed with what you are doing. I have told my kids about how you do so much to help other people and make the world a better place… because of you we are going to be volunteering at the Ronald mcdonald house. so thank you
– Anonymous

You’ve already got Chris and I thinking about volunteerism with our baby boy. Helping others should be a way of life – that’s what I was thinking about when I was reading your blog about your parents’ traditions.”
– Amanda Loyacano

2 Responses to True Success

  1. Karen Brinck says:

    Sarah, This weekend the girls and I will be working at the Agape dinner at our church. We will distributing toys to children, warm coats, gloves,hats and socks, plus serving a turkey meal with all the fixings. We have been doing this for a number of years, but what always touches us are the children. When told they can pick one toy to take home some will ask if they can pick a toy for brother or sister or an item for their parents. We always set aside a few extra things for these real life Santas. Thanks for doing this. We love following your journey.

  2. Kathleen Murphy says:

    Sarah, I am so inspired by your work and your beautiful writing. Thank you for your coverage of our food bank at St. James Episcopal Church in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve subscribed to your posts and look forward to hearing more about your adventures. Blessings to you!

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