Mission Memphis: Kick Off

What’s your mission?

If you had 30 days to work on anything you wanted, what would it be?

When I was planning this project, there were many paths and opportunities grabbing for my attention, but nothing captured my imagination like this. I knew it before I named it – I’d been dreaming of this project for a long time.

I love to volunteer…and in that way, this work is selfish. I do it because I love it. But I’ve realized that some people don’t love it.  Initially, this was hard for me to understand, but in thinking about it, I’ve realized that many people dislike it because they’ve had a bad volunteer experience. I’ve been there – I’ve definitely had some terrible experiences, but ultimately, there’s something that keeps me coming back. I know what it’s like to give to someone who truly needs to be helped. I’ve given a bag of food to a hungry woman and her small son. I’ve given a blanket to a man sleeping on cold concrete. What is it that motivates you?

I’ll capture a range of ways to volunteer: film festivals, soup kitchens, economic development, homelessness, puppies, and even honest-to-goodness wish granting. This project is meant to show all the wonderful ways to contribute and my hope is that you will read about an experience that will move you to make a difference.

I’m not saying that volunteering is always fun or always easy. There are bad volunteer experiences out there and I fully acknowledge that. But there are also incredible experiences. Life-changing experiences. People you’ll meet, things you’ll see, and situations you’ll find that can change the way you think about your world and your role in it.

So . . .

Volunteer.  Or donate.  Or help in your own way.

I’m going to do it for 30 days and I’m going to tell you about it every step of the way each day.

Here’s what I ask from you: volunteer once . . . aim for ONE – one person or one place or one day. Start with one and go from there.

Thanks for reading. Please share and tell me about your adventures in volunteering.



Mission Memphis: 30 Days of Volunteering

What comes after the 30 Days of Mission Memphis?  Volunteer Bound! I’m traveling across the country to promote volunteerism and I want to take you with me!

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4 Responses to Mission Memphis: Kick Off

  1. Bill P says:

    Good luck on your journey. We should all be better off because of it.


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